The Legal Athlete Masterclass Course

Solving the mysteries to restoring your energy, sleep and health challenges.

  • Module 1 – Identifying Your Health Risks
  • Module 2 – Opening Energy Pathways
  • Module 3 – Restoring Cellular Energy
  • Module 4 – Feeding for Energy & Health

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My Story

You are about to embark on a journey that may reward you with health like you may never have imagined possible. The amazing thing about what I found out, experience and trained many after after me, is that it will definitely save you from the dread of modern disease. 

I spent years searching for answers to my own gut health issues even after a life of feeding my body with what I believed was the so-called healthiest food.

I later discovered I was hoodwinked into this marketing hype, even with my health background in managing the most serious of diseases in the healthcare delivery system.  In addition I have been an active sportsperson for over 46 years, either exercising or participating at the highest level in sport. I competed as a sprinter for 15 years, spent years cycling, excelled as a soccer player, scratch golfer and experimented daily to achieve my own personal best level of development.

My severe gut issues of a decade ago led me to investing in blood panels and genetic tests to try determine the possible cause. In my work in risk, if you cannot identify the risk and determine the cause you end up treating the symptom, which then leads to other health issues. I spent fortunes on pharmaceutical drugs I had been taking and not finding any relief.

I took a sabbatical from my business and spent many years researching and applying what I had gained over my career working with experts. I finally discovered the method and steps required to heal my own gut and be the healthiest I have EVER been. 

Years later, I have fine-tuned my system for resolving gut health and related health risks of my client’s and I want to begin by sharing the learning with you. This could literally save your life and bring about a level of health you have only dreamed of experiencing. Remember, I have looked at this from a health risk angle and in so doing, I do not advocate pie in the sky diets, but get straight to what you require nutritionally to turn your health around and gain your perfected form – this we call your “Quintessential Wellbeing”.

If you struggle with ANY of the following, this course will definitely help you.

  • Compromised Immune System
  • Bloating and discomfort
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Lack Of Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Burning Sensation In Your Gut
  • Haphazard Sleeping Patterns

Did you Know?

Your Gut health is linked to every condition in the body. It is the foundation to a strong immune system, happiness and overall well-being.

Are you?

Currently taking medication for your gut or other condition and would prefer doing a natural and holistic based approach.


Own a PROVEN, STEP BY STEP METHOD to recovery and being well!It’s in your hands NOW to finally OWN a course that consolidated thousand’s of RESEACH hours into only 4 HOURS, OVER 4 WEEKS.

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This is what you can gain from our FULL course?

7.5 Min Video

Finally, ‘The Health of Your Gut’ is ready for you!

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Session 1:
Identifying Your Gut Health Course:

  • Part 1 – Your Gut Health Roadmap
  • Part 2 – Associated Gut Conditions
  • Part 3 – Inflammation and Your Gut
  • Part 4 – Diagnostic Tests for Health

Session 2: Cleansing Your Gut

  • Part 1 – What is the secret to wellbeing?
  • Part 2 – Eliminating Toxicity.
  • Part 3 – Healthy Cells & Healthy Blood – The Marker.
  • Part 4 – Total Cleaning Protocol.

Session 3:
Restoring Your Gut

  • Part 1 – Your Restoration Journey – Start with the Microbiome.
  • Part 2 – Healing by Restoring Your Gut.
  • Part 3 – Changing the Gut Terrain.
  • Part 4 – Reducing and Removing Inflammation.

Session 4: Feeding the Gut.

  • Part 1 – Nourishing Your Gut.
  • Part 2 – Nutrient Sufficiency.
  • Part 3 – Nourish to Heal Inflammation and More.
  • Part 4 – Bringing it All Together.

What does this course contain?

4 HOURS IN 4 weeks with a few personal and optional CHALLENGES EACH WEEK to get you experimenting and healing.

Starting off with…

  • Part 1 – By building a solid foundation and figuring out your exact issues and symptoms in “Session One”. This is where you learn how to identify your initial and potential risks to your body and gut health. 
  • Part 2 – In “Session Two” you experiment with natural modalities to cleaning out the gut system.  
  • Part 3 – Then working your way to “Session Three” where you gain basic insights into restoring the gut terrain and bring about healing.
  • Part 4 –  “Session Four” provides you with insights on how to feed and clean your gut on a daily basis. As every one of us is different we strive for you to experiment what works best for you using various natural Methods.


• 16 videos to walk you through your journey

• Self-Discovery Experiments

Each Session is accompanied by a self-discovery experiment. This is your suggested self discovery before moving on to the next Session in the series. Self-discovery exercises are designed to help introduce the method and steps while you observe how your body responds. This is an important step in the refinement of restoring and improving The Health Of Your Gut.

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What is the gI Tract?

If one looks at the body as a tree, the GI-tract can be considered the central column, or trunk, of the tree. Every organ and gland can be considered as one of the branches emanating from this trunk. This should give  you an idea of how important the GI-tract is, as all tissue is connected to it directly or via the nervous system. It is fairly common for concerns in the GI-tract to be reflexed to other parts of the body, causing issues there: one can feel pain in the knee, when, in fact, the issue lies with a specific part of the colon. As this can happen not only to the knee but to the whole of the body, this gives a clear picture of the importance of a healthy GI-tract and where the best place to start for almost all health conditions.

What Our Warriors Have to Say

“One of the smartest decisions I have ever made was to contact Peter and ask him to rebuild my body. He started from the inside out whereas every thinks its the other way around. Peter was so very helpful and knowledgeable, and created a method and step by step process that with a short time my life was turned around from being burnt out, overweight and unhealthy.
Thanks Peter, your authenticity and dedication to helping clients is one-in-a-million.”
Lauren Jansen
Lauren JansenSocial Media Expert
So much respect for this man. Peter started a journey with me to improve my overall health more than a year ago. I started off with a lot of chronic medication that only adressed the symptoms and not the cause of my ailments. I have suffered from adrenal burnout as well as depleted levels of different hormones, serotonin and various vitamins and minerals. Peter assisted with the referral to suitable specialists and running blood panels to identify and address the root causes of these issues. His product knowledge is excellent. I can definitely recommend him to other individuals who want a total review of their chronic medications, diet, supplements and change of lifestyle to enhance general well being.​
CORNE VD WALTChief Risk Officer
Peter’s method and focus on identification, cleaning out the gut and detailing how to restore and feed my body what it needs, it really helped me go from completely housebound and unable to walk most days at the young age of 38 to working full-time, feeling strong, and getting back into exercising.
Joseph Lee
Joseph LeeCEO


Most frequently asked questions

Will I receive any support directly from Peter Smanjak?

You can access Peter for private 1 on 1 session in person or online where he can consider your challenge, specific condition or health goal! As part of signing up for a course journey, you could receive access to Peter’s Facebook group where you can pose your questions while going through the course. 

Are supplements recommended or included in the program?

Peter does recommend supplements as part of his work; however, these are certainly not required. Nutrition is preferably gained from the correct food categories. You can be assured the supplements suggested in the program are only supplements Peter uses himself and has spent endless hours researching the top studies in the world before using them.  

Does the course suggest lab testing?

The course does not require any lab testing. However lab and specialized tests are very important to determine the potential cause and risk of any gut or other related health issues. Peter can provide, on request, a tailored blood, food intolerance or genetic test to aid your understanding of the cause and bring about faster and a more scientific approach to your healing journey.

Is there a certain time or date this program will start?

“The Health of Your Gut Course” is set up so that it can be done ENTIRELY at your own pace. This means you can sign up and start at any time. We encourage you to get started s soon as possible so that you can start your journey to longevity.

Will the method be laid out for me in an easy step-by-step manner?

YES! Peter took the methods that he uses in his teachings and 1:1 coaching clients and created a step-by-step program for you to work through at your own pace at home. Every module and section is set up easily so that you can work through them as you go, or skip around to focus on certain aspects of the program.  

Will there be discounts on supplements?

Peter recommends supplements from a variety of resources. Not all supplements are available in country. For the supplements he recommends from NuVita pharmaceutical grade, a 15% discount applies for all friends of the program. Superfoods fulfill a variety of needs in a healthy eating plan. These are available in the on-line shop.

How long will the program take?

This will vary from person-to-person and is mostly based on your current health status. If you follow  1 session per week it will take 4 weeks to complete. Each session is broken into 15-20 minute segments for your convenience. Normally each session is only 1 hour long per week. An easy accomplishment for almost everyone.

Will the course help me?

If you have a gut health condition or problem and have never investigated alternative care, this course will change you life. Peter’s philosophy and methods he uses for all of his 1:1 coaching clients is brought into this introductory course. In addition the course has been built with over 35 000 hours of research reduced into an easy to understand, highly motivating introductory course.